Woodward Lofts, before

Woodward Lofts, after restoration

At EKA, our goal when working with masonry is to restore both its historic appearance and its structural integrity.

We work closely with masons to both assure that underlying problems are addressed and to identify practical solutions for replacing missing elements.

For the Woodward Lofts project, EKA worked with the developer to replicate missing terra cotta with glass fiber reinforced composite (GFRC) panels on the Healey Building.

At the neighboring Ferguson Building, missing brick elements were replaced with new brick. Carefully placed stone masked the transition between the old and the new.


New brick replicates the appearance of historic brick.
Tests are made to determine the effectiveness and safety of brick cleaning.

Working closely with masons assures quality work.
GRFC Panels replicate historic terra cotta at considerable savings over new terra cotta.