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Preservation Wayne Founders Award 1999

Poster for Michigan Preservation Week 2001

The Stuber-Stone building was constructed in 1917 as an auto dealership. Elisabeth Knibbe Architects worked closely with the developer on a plan that created exciting loft living space while maintaining the building's historic character. The exterior of the building was returned to its original character. The storefronts at the front of the building were reconstructed in contemporary materials to match their 1917 configuration. The second story windows at the front elevation were restored with new sash to match the original.

The interior of the building was adapted to accommodate a medical clinic that is located at the front half of the First Floor, enclosed parking in the back half of the First Floor and 14 loft-style apartments at the Second Floor. Each unit has a second story loft over looking the two-story living space. The larger units also have a secondary room suitable for office or bedroom use. An etched glass and laminated beam railing at the edge of the loft works with the sloping edge of an adjacent wall to create visual interest. Interior windows bring light from the outside to the interior rooms.